Breaking / Music Production

The program explores the history of hip-hop dance in the form of Breaking, Rocking and the development of creative movement. Each student is introduced to the foundation of the dance form in order to build his or her own individual style, vocabulary, technique, and flow. The exercises focus on solo routines and group routines that strengthen teamwork, self-expression and creative thinking.  The students build on the performance techniques of characterization, innovative approaches in composition, and improvisation.


The students will also learn how to produce their own songs that they will use for their performance.






  • To build self-expression and teamwork.

  • To develop endurance physically, emotionally and mentally.

  • To practice self-respect, respect for others, discipline, morals, and humility. 

  • To guide the students in the process of creative movement.

  • To expand the imagination and build originality.

  • To nourish new community leaders. 

  • To develop students as professionals for career opportunities.



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